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I don't know if this is disappointing to hear or not but I will probably remember this game most for the part where you weren't even playing it, aka the ending dialogue.  I think "ugly" emotions are far more beautiful and resounding then the objectively correct response. Really loved it altogether.

I like how as you go through this place you meet all the diffrent fish that have theur own thought on which way they think is right which makes you sorta think about it a bit more yourself and i like the message that you give at the end.

And as you also go throughsome things just feel off with some of the weird rooms but that is good and keeps things intresting especially with the song that was great so all in all i really enjoyed this game and i look foward to seing more.

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This game is so weird but I love it! Surprisingly, it had an underlying message I was not expecting out of this. Would recommend! Also, the musical part arguably the best part of the game! 


One of the more interesting games I've played in a while, good job! The music is fantastic as well.

Comment below clip;

Well, so much for being a vegetarian...

This game is gut wrenching,  but it's good to see life from a different perspective, not the least, an indifference one.

Well done, guys, and kudos to all involved. You've done a wonderful job!

:[]: = hugs to all.


I finally get backed on reviewing games and uploading them on my channel. And this is the first game the I tried and I'm like "ooh this will be good, feels like light and fun game" and that's where I'm wrong. Right when I landed on the floor and I knew I will be having one hell of a ride.

My whole playthrough has been fun. Anxiety driving ride.

I liked the interactions. Especially the musical part it's fun let's just say it's fun..

All in all great game.

Would like to play more of your games in the future

Here's my gameplay of it:

Played this game on my Channel's Series called 3 Scary Games! It't the last game I played in the video starting at 23:41!

This game was easily one of the most bizarre, creepy, funny, thought provoking games I've ever played! Even though I might not have fully understood the complete meaning of this game, the actual Gameplay and Atmosphere of this game is fantastic! I was the most unsettled until the very end! Overall a really neat experience :)
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Dialogues are great, creepy atmosphere, fun to explore, the stuck fish got me depressed and video is funny and satisfied to watch. Great game!

This was quite the journey! It seems bizarre (definitely weirdly morbid), but it can really get you thinking about the existential (if you let it). Loved it 🐟

This game is way to funny and fun, I got creeped out( thanks for that warning about holes in the game) other than that great job I loved it 🤣

This game really surprised me. I was expecting something kinda typical of horror-themed walking simulators and came out of it really stimulated and thought-provoked. It accomplishes a lot with some choice and punchy dialogue and environmental design, such that its message is conveyed successfully with brief flashes of insight rather than weighty exposition. It invites exploration of its story rather than a fixed, narrow perspective, which shows that the developer is very adept at storytelling in spite of how brief the game is.

I’m still not sure what to make of the endings. Perhaps that’s the point. Looking back on the story as a whole I struggle to determine whether it’s optimistic in tone or pessimistic, but I think that’s deliberate, since the characters have very clearly different perspectives on what’s going on.

The one moment I definitely didn’t like was the section with the fish stuck in the door. Maybe I didn’t understand how that fits into the overall message, but it seemed like an unnecessarily cruel scene for the sake of having a scene of cruelty. If I had written this I would have left that out, but again maybe I’m missing something there.

I really applaud this game and I heartily recommend it to anyone who’s even remotely interested in interactive storytelling.

The game has an interesting vibe and for the most part, it suits it in a weird kind of way. Though I don't know how I fell out of the map while talking to the fish in the corner.

Overall though, it's an interesting game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


wow the dance had me thinking I was on shrooms overall great game with a deep meaning about fish eating in general i think maybe about they have no choice to be taking out there homes to be killed and over fished could be wrong but great game with a creepy feel i liked it


Incredibly weird, but I loved it! I wonder if it has a deeper meaning...?


I thought at first... its was like, you know, walking simulator or something. but the more I get into it, I realize something at the end. That's everything has its own ways of living... Also, don't eat a mushroom you find at side road or this will happened.

ps, Keep up the good work developer!! this was actually interesting.

Love from Malaysia ^_^


This was very educational, I emerge an expert on how fish are made.


I've alaways sticked to the plan with the lynch's fish kit

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hi, big thx for the amazing game. wow, great my friend. greetings from rosti 🙏👍😘


best game aside from M.STAIN i played


This game was really cool and interesting. Despite being very mildly trypophobic I enjoyed the experience. 


up or down. reminds me of the choice of illusion that the matrix was all about


This is new and creepy, great idea of the game, well made dev thank you for this experience, i really enjoy playing how fish is made.




I don't really have any fears regarding holes but this game kinda opened Fears in me that I had tucked away in the membrane. Love the fluidity of the game and the constant battle between your conviction or the conformity.


Well well well, this was an experience. From the wonderfully wacky personalities of the fish to the surprisingly deep overbearing meaning - there are many reasons to give this game a try! 

Props to the devs for creating the most utterly diabolical and simply disgusting props - trypophobia inducing is an understatement...

Here's my playthrough!

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It's one of those games that makes me think. I also didn't expect a musical number and I secretly love it.


I love this game AHAHAH feels weird at first but i really enjoyed it. Some scenes may be disturbing to others


This was definitely an interesting game. The musical part was fire!. Keep up the great work.


Nice game

He hath made his choice, so feeble and frail, so comes the time where we too, in our own pools of forethought, must make ourselves the inclined decision.

So be it.


Made a video


This is a masterpiece! Such a high level of creativity!

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This Freaking fish & Cockroach got a Whole Music Video lmao (: I like it I enjoyed this game it's very different and I like different this game stands out more than the rest keep it up my man!!! and i'm really sick so i'm sorry about the sniffing and coughing i don't feel so good );


I had no idea what to expect going in, and having finished the game, I'm still not sure I know what just happened :) Absolutely loved the musical interlude though, it reminded me of the good old days of the web. Before all these kids with their tikker tokkers and their snapchadoodles. You know, Flash.

Good job! Weird and enjoyable.

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