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Here's to comedy!

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fish fish fish fish fish up up up up up fish fish fish fish down down down down fish fish fish


this game genuinely made me go vegetarian 2 years ago


I will forever be a fan of every game you make.  

Man, very good. Story seems simple but is very interesing.


лучше фильма "Довод" и игры "Fear and Hunger"


i'm so nor al about this game guys i swear


One of the most poignant and insightful games I've ever played. Still livin' with it.

Amazing story driven game 10/10.  The song and dance was a great wtf moment.

Beautifully bizarre game! Wonderful art design and many eccentric sardines to meet.

This game has a lot of character and originality.

I hope others can enjoy watching my experience with the game as well. Or, check the time stamp in my video to skip to the end and see a more detailed review.

Thanks so much for this game!

q( ̄(oo) ̄)p

Very good Game. I play the game by steam and enjoyed the dlc :).

Definitely playing the expansion to this game.

Very good game liked it a lot, like the song as well.

I know this game is considered a classic indie horror game, but I guess it didn't hit me as much as it did others.

Played this as part of a 3 scary games, it was… interesting to say the least

Really weird & unique game! I loved the musical part & nothing was going to stop me from going up!

I have played two of games,this one and "The Last One And Then Another",really dope games,its so bizarre and so surreal,and this is what making these games unique and interesting,certainly i will be lookig forward to next games,i rate this one and another one on 5\5,had a great and fun time playing these

This was really cool, one of the most unique experiences I have had on here!

dude this game is awesome I really liked the atmosphere and the moral choices if we should go up or down also its just cool to be fish :)


F  I  S  H

Really good update.

that new DLC is really good!

Full Play NO Commentary

i do


I dont get it


i saw markiplier play it and i said to myself "oh yeah im playing this" cause i wanted to know what would happen if you went up, its a great game, and the little musical number part us hilarious

This game creeped me out but it was a fun experience and would recommend it to everyone who hasn't seen it or played it to try it out!

If you are a watcher rather than player check it out here:

LOVED the aesthetics on your game! Laughed a good couple of times but also felt creeped out through most of it. Awesome!

Loved it!

Played this a while ago but never posted it here.

Im never going to the fish market again 


i watched markiplier play it and thought to try it myself, this time choosing to go up unlike him, and yet I can't get past the big water room, it keeps pushing me down into the water whenever I try to go up into the next room.


An experience that I can only describe as strange and surreal. It is the first time that I play something focused on sardines which by the way look quite good even though the whole environment feels uncomfortable with the piles of organic pieces in what should be a machinery, my interpretation is that many of the organic pieces are the interpretation of tube fish and other devices beyond their comprehension since they can only be seen as trapped in an unknown place or in the stomach of some creature.

On the other hand, although the narrative is focused on making a decision and how others face that problem, I get the impression that in the background there is something that represents something more like religion where there are some who think they know what it is. the right path to follow, others condemn us, stand at a point that seems to be able to give answers or rely on others to decide.

In the end, the decision leads us to a path where we please others at the cost of existence or paradise is reached in the most classic sense where everyone joins in a mass without self-awareness, similar to the Christian idea of joining glory. of God singing in a state of infinite ecstasy.


This was oily (great!)


Fascinating game, an off-color peek at a corner of the human (fish?) experience. Here's to motherfuckers!

Gameplay en español
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