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Im never going to the fish market again 


i watched markiplier play it and thought to try it myself, this time choosing to go up unlike him, and yet I can't get past the big water room, it keeps pushing me down into the water whenever I try to go up into the next room.


An experience that I can only describe as strange and surreal. It is the first time that I play something focused on sardines which by the way look quite good even though the whole environment feels uncomfortable with the piles of organic pieces in what should be a machinery, my interpretation is that many of the organic pieces are the interpretation of tube fish and other devices beyond their comprehension since they can only be seen as trapped in an unknown place or in the stomach of some creature.

On the other hand, although the narrative is focused on making a decision and how others face that problem, I get the impression that in the background there is something that represents something more like religion where there are some who think they know what it is. the right path to follow, others condemn us, stand at a point that seems to be able to give answers or rely on others to decide.

In the end, the decision leads us to a path where we please others at the cost of existence or paradise is reached in the most classic sense where everyone joins in a mass without self-awareness, similar to the Christian idea of joining glory. of God singing in a state of infinite ecstasy.


This was oily (great!)


Fascinating game, an off-color peek at a corner of the human (fish?) experience. Here's to motherfuckers!

Gameplay en español

love it thank you :):):):):)

very interesting! Equal parts silly and existential. For a sardine, that is.


I LOST MY MIND! (watch this before playing)

I donated $250 because this game was so good.


Great game!

so that's how it's made


This is a funny game, ha


Let's go to the end

thank for this game !

that was pretty neato burrito


This was a complete surprise to me, I went in knowing nothing, and I loved every second.It made me think deep, oily, fishy thoughts and it'll stay with me for a long time, in a strange but good way.

Seriously, it was a surprisingly effective, thought provoking thing considering you play as a weird fish that flops through a nightmarish, cronenberg-esque cum factory.

Highly, highly recommended.


the parasite show felt like how people in the vampire nightclub feel when they see baby colin robinson do his little jig in wwdits. also i really enjoyed what this says about choice and the human/fish experience. i really relate to the barbed wire monologue at the end, and for once it is nice to know other people are going through it. the environments are some of the most captivating ive ever seen, they seem to be almost alive, and they feel like they are the places that my thoughts lingered in as a child. if that makes any sense. the lighting was crazy too!!! i fucking loved this game thank you. ill be thinking about it for a while i think.

undisguised undulation towards questions unanswerable, the specimen twists a narrow path to its goals.  one mentionalbe thought escapes into a void of shattered presupposed hearing, what is your choice?  given a binary optional delusion to your end, does one matter more than the other?  both questions and answers will arrive at the same medium - your sustenance for another earthly creature.  the journey filled a small pocket void in your mind briefly as the experience inflates your imaginations.



Yeeeeeah, never eating fish again so THANKS!!

Really good game though, looking forward to what other stuff you'll make me hate eating in the future 👍

(I actually played this a long time ago but still thought I'd leave a review) 

This was a very interesting game. Very unique but still had some uneasy moments to it. I never thought I'd feel bad for some fish in a game :( haha and that dancing bit got me dancing my heart out! but anyways keep up the good work! 


This was quite the interesting game. I like the idea of choice in this game and the narrative it had to offer! I really enjoyed the song and dance in it. Easily my favorite part. 

I had an idea to write and sing the lyrics (as well as add in my own) and wanted to ask permission first before going through with it. Would that be okay with you?


Thank you for checking it out! Yeah that's definitely fine by us, no worries. Please also credit the original artist of the song, Tri-Tachyon. The song is called "Little Lily Swing".

Yes thank to you dev team, i think im not gonna eat fish in a while, but thank you dev team for making this game

A like in this vids will help me alot

wow cool gaim! Up is best direction ez. Good luck on SGA! ;)


My only regret is not having any bananas in ours. Good luck to you too! Your work is really impressive!

Hahaha thanks dude xD Maybe see you in Stockholm at the awards thingy! :D

UP or DOWN??? This game was a trip, I'm still very interested in what the other endings are like. It definitely left me questioning my final decision, but really glad I checked this out :)

Up is the only way. I Have never doubted this fact. It is clear to anyone with sense that the only way is up.


lovely, disgustingly tactile

bonus points for non-cringe musical number

I was able to beat the game but I still don't know how fish is made.

Clases de biología marina solo aquí.

Very gripping, very interesting! This game grabs you and keeps you HOOKED until it's over!

This might be everything I'd never expect to be inside a game, and I'm equally shocked as I am intruiged and excited. It certainly brought me back to the PS1 era, where (almost) everything could happen..

Very good. I liked this a lot.


I have a problem, when I boot up the game the graphics don't come up? the words, text, and sounds are all there except for the actual game. It's like a black screen. Is there smth I can do to fix this? this game seems really cool and I do want to play it

happens with me too devs please tell us how to fix




Wow. This was an experience. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Really freaking weird. Thank you so much for making this!

Honestly an amazing experience.. and oh boy.. that number in the middle with the parasite had me laughing like crazy. Super weird, got me on edge at times.. and yet, very enjoyable!

Thanks for making this awesome game! Lemme know if you do anything else!

This might be the WEIRDEST Game I have played!
WEIRDEST GAME! How Fish Is Made (All Endings)

Hey! I played your game on my stream and had a blast! I was a bit confused as I thought it was going to be a horror game but it ended being comedic and deep. Loved the concept! The part with the parasite singing and dancing made me feel as if I was watching some kind of fishy propaganda, was fun!

I hope you make more games similar to this. The Fish that gave you stats on who chose which ending was pretty cool.

This is a sort of memey playthrough, lil bit of fun if you want the quick version 

i love this game. personally, i related it to my experience with mental illness and suicide. well done and thank you.

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