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Pony Express long-haul space freighter "Tulpar"

Crew: Five

Planned Shipment Duration: 382 Days

Elapsed Transit Time: 147 Days

I hope this hurts.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A narrative driven first-person horror game following the dying crew of a shipwrecked space freighter.

Who could have known what good ol’ Captain Curly was capable of? Guess he thought his crew dying alongside him was only right. But some men can’t even kill themselves properly. Maimed, limbless and unable to speak, but alive, Curly is now at the mercy of the crew he has doomed to a slow death.

The Pony Express long-haul galactic freighter Tulpar is stranded within an uncharted region of space. Emergency life support systems saved the Captain and crew of four. The ship will run out of power within six months, food rations long before that. Adrift far off their shipment route, they know the chance of rescue nears zero. Opening the cargo hold is strictly prohibited by the company, but the contents could mean a prolonged chance of survival.

In the space freighter industry, there’s a saying:
“Hope to die, or for goodness sake, pray that everyone else did.”

Published 18 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorsKASURAGA, Jeffrey Tomec, Martin Halldin
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Narrative, psx-playstation, Psychological Horror, Retro


Mouthwashing_ItchDemo001.zip 474 MB


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Thank you for allowing us to play your game!

Love the story behiend the ship and the personality that comes out from all the individual characters.

Do wish a little more was revealed but excited for full release.

I made a video on the demo if this interests you!

The game was fun, my thoughts on it at the end.


Impressive New Horror Game | Mouthwashing | Indie Horror Game

I will choose not to play this demo because I already know for certain that I'm gonna buy the full release.

super cool, I cant wait for the full game!

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The aesthetics in this game are awesome and the cliff hanger on the DEMO just got me wanting for more! Cant wait for the full release! - on my wishlist!

Quite the immersive game with plenty to work off of... Witty dialogue and high stakes along with some creepy visuals!
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Now that's how you do a demo! Just enough to tease what the game is about but enough to leave you wanting more! Looking forward to the full game!

I don't think I can trust Polle, at this point I don't know who or what I can trust... Youtube Link - 

For being a demo, this was not bad! Definitely a weird one for sure but not as weird as the previous games Lol. Made a video on it.

Loved this! 

This game was interesting. I didn't understand it at first but as I kept playing I slowly pieced it together!

Looking pretty good. I am glad it isnt as crazy as the fish games xD

This was a VERY INTERESTING game!!! I ENJOYED IT!!! 

That was pretty cool ! :)

Loved it and looking forward to the full release!

that was great, well done!

what a interesting dilemma among the crew .. game has definitely establish itself as a horror narrative very well and honestly I can not wait to play the full game. Great job guys. 

This was an awesome story! So unique and weird, the transitions were so awesome really reminded me of old crt tv glitches very trippy. Your making something very cool I recommend! Here is my gameplay video!

Cool game with an interesting story. Nice demo.

God damn does this game make me want to indulge in that sweet, sweet, antiseptic YUM. Wish I was aboard that ship let me tell you something. I don't give two shits what the company says. I'll gladly break the rules just to feel that stuff trickle down my throat.

The plot is the highlight of the game. Really impressive.

Officially my favorite demo from NEXT Fest! Your animations are so damn smooth

NEXT Fest Hightlights

Gave it a Let's Play, and I'm REALLY liking what I saw, I got immersed very quickly into the atmosphere and ambience, so I was able to enjoy my time

Awesome story love the style you guys have built upon since your previous games! Awesome job and can't wait for the full game!

A really good game so far with a captivating story. Can't wait for the full release!

Very interesting game. 

iam looking forward to the full game. 


very interesting and disturbing game, I cant play the full experience.

Absolutely fantastic game well done


Great one keep it up 


10/10 will play again


downloading my beautiful wife curly from itch dot ay oh


Stroy Great Atmosphere Great First Jumpscare Perfect...Was An Amazing Experience Thanks